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Default Re: Grill Cheese Help !

Originally Posted by Nick_N View Post
Doug - I tried your "mayo on the outside" suggestion, along with the "microwave" trick (with a little twist). I prepared my sandwich - bread/Cheddar/Colby/Swiss/bread, etc. Then I hit it with the microwave for about 20 seconds, applied mayo to the outside top, and immediately flipped it into the skillet, mayo side down. I then put the mayo on the other (up) side, and continued cooking on medium-low, watching closely so as not to burn. After turning, it came out perfect - golden brown on the outside, with nice gooey melted cheese, on the inside.
I use a #9 griddle on med-low and tent my grilled cheeses with a c-8 glass lid (fits perfectly). I have found that tenting allows me to cook a little slower, decreasing the risk of burning the bread while at the same time ensuring the cheese melts all the way through without having to use a secondary heat source.
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