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Default Re: Don't Show, Just Tell

1. What is the first piece of cast iron cookware you actually owned? My mom's old #10, possibly Wagner from the 50's.

2. Do you consider yourself more a collector, a user, or both? both

3. What is the first piece you acquired with an eye toward collecting? I have picked up pieces here and there just because I liked them, so truly collecting has only recently begun.

4. What is the first truly collectible piece you acquired? small logo Griswold #6 chicken fryer

5. If you were forced to give up your collection except for one piece, what would that piece be? my mom's skillet mentioned above

6. Knowing it's hard to name a single favorite, name up to three CI items, rare or not, on your "holy grail" or "bucket list". I'll have to think about that one and post back later.
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