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Shawn R 10-03-2015 09:50 PM

Wagner square glass lid
I picked up a square glass lid for our 9 inch sq Wagner today. While scrolling through ebay I noticed 2 other glass lids that look just like mine and were both labeled as Wagner. Did Wagner make glass lids without the Wagner name? Mine is only marked with a C18 on the outer rim. I'll get a picture posted tomorrow. Thanks

Shawn R 10-04-2015 10:07 AM

Re: Wagner square glass lid

David P Fortin 10-04-2015 06:41 PM

Re: Wagner square glass lid
Shawn, Very interesting. We have a #8 Wagner dutch oven that she bought at a yard sale. When asked about the lid, the owner said it was glass and was broken years ago. We found the Lodge L8IC3 cast iron lid to be a perfect fit. I know it's a make do and not really proper but it does make a good user. David

Shawn R 10-04-2015 09:28 PM

Re: Wagner square glass lid
Well the glass lid is a "make do", found at a church yard sale for $1. I wasn't even searching for info on this lid, but lids for some very cool old spider skillets I got. (Thanks again David). Just happened across 2 lids that look like this one and were labeled as Wagner. Now I'm curious.

KevM 10-05-2015 09:49 PM

Re: Wagner square glass lid
I think pyrex made the lids. I have 2 that fit no 8 and are identical. one has wagner the other does not. the numbers that are on the edge are like the pyrex lids that go to my pyrex stuff.

DSBradley 10-11-2015 11:57 PM

Re: Wagner square glass lid
Yes, there are reproduction/replacement glass lids for all the originals Wagner and Griswold made. Logos are on the originals.

Shawn R 10-12-2015 07:31 PM

Re: Wagner square glass lid
Thanks for the help on the glass lid. In the end, it doesn't matter if it's original or not, just glad to have a lid for the skillet.

John C. 10-13-2015 05:06 PM

Re: Wagner square glass lid
The lid in the photo came on an unmarked Wagner square skillet. The unmarked dutch ovens and skillets that were sold with glass lids had the same type lid without the Wagner ware logo.

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