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ShawnE 04-21-2015 09:38 PM

Re: Using NaOH for electrolyte

To each their own. I decided to run a combination lye / e-tank. This gives me a single tank to maintain. I can understand if you want to run individual tanks. I don't run enough pieces to matter, but even if I did, I still would run a combo tank. I don't care how dirty the tank solution is, just how clean the part is. FWIW, I found that to decrease the time in the tank, I pull the part and give it quick scrub with a stiff plastic brush after an hour or so to loosen up the surface crud. This gives me a better surface area for electrolysis, as well as giving me a better idea as to how much longer it will take to finish the process.

Again, to each their own. This is just the process that I've developed for myself. I still think that it is better than the Na2CO3 (washing soda) process / graphite plates that has been promoted else where.

Like I said in an earlier post, I'll do a writeup as to my results and reasoning. Constructive criticisms are encouraged.

Jeffrey R. 04-22-2015 06:43 AM

Re: Using NaOH for electrolyte

What works for me will not work for everyone else, and I am fine with that. Like I wrote yesterday with the volume that I deal with, this needs to work for me. Case in point. Try to fit all this in your E-tank at one time.

Well, it all went in my lye tank at the same time. When one or 2 pieces came out of the lye tank, they get washed, and if need to they go into the E-tank they go then. I had the whole pile cleaned and seasoned in a week, less the Wagner waffle set cleaned but not seasoned. Try cleaning and seasoning all this with just an E-tank in a week.
I am sure that the way you have your setup will work for most all folks, just like a plastic bag and oven cleaner works for others. Hopefully this will show folks two ways to clean cast iron, high volume, low volume with safety first. At the end of the day we both have clean iron.

I was going to stay with the washing soda process and go with a set of graphite plates. But since setting my E-tank with NaOH, I just need to get 4 longer anodes, or 2 curved plate. Also I not only clean skillets , etc. I will add in a wood stove. Well, I have another one to clean. Ever clean a set of ice tongs, well that is just the tip of the ice burg. :icon_rofl:

I found that to decrease the time in both tanks, I pull the part and give it quick scrub with a tooth brush size SS wire brush. Fine wire, no scratches.
"FWIW" ??

ShawnE 04-22-2015 07:03 AM

Re: Using NaOH for electrolyte
FWIW - for what's it's worth

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