What Is This ???

Dan B

While this looks like it may be an Erie, it is the thing (I have no idea how to describe it) at 12 o'clock that has me baffled.

Any help with more information on this piece would be welcomed.

As always, thanks!


Doug D.

Staff member
It's called an "odorless" skillet. The duct is meant to allow the natural draft of a wood stove to pull cooking odors down through it to be channeled up and out the flue instead of permeating the kitchen. It was designed to work best with a lid on the pan, usually something loose-fitting like a tin one.


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sadly, no... it's on the shelf with the other gate marked pans... I have a lot that I don't currently cook with. but it is an interesting old pan.

Dan B

Hi All, me again on the same skillet I had asked about earlier...

I picked up the skillet and restored it. Despite the pitting on the bottom it cleaned up nicely. I am looking for more information on it, if anyone can help. The date of manufacture and any other info would be appreciated

Based on this site it seems clear to me that it is an "Odorless Beveridge Cast Iron Skillet" While hard to see in the picture the "date applied fore in script sideways on handle" is spot on. https://picclick.com/Antique-Odorless-Beveridge-Cast-Iron-Skillet-8-273104459667.html

Here are the after pictures. https://imgur.com/a/31ES3Cl

As always, thanks!