Was There Very Much Cast Iron Production During the 40's? (WW2)


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I'm new to collecting cast iron cookware, I acquired a few skillets recently that when I research say they could be possibly made in the 1940's.

My question is, if the US was heavily invested in war time production in which we had typewriter companies making handguns, wouldn't production of cast iron cookware be reduced, thereby making 1940's skillets less common?


Not sure they would be any more rare since it would difficult at best to pinpoint a date when they were actually made. The circulation dates for many producers of CI include those war years and I'm sure production was down somewhat but how much would be hard to say. I collect Stanley planes along with CI and many of the planes had substituted materials during that era such as brass adjusting nuts and handle bolts were replaced with steel and rubber. The brass was most likely used for shell casings thus creating a shortage for the plane parts. Since cast iron and steel have different molecular features I would think CI was not effected that much.
Anyway..... that's my take on your question but I have no concrete data to answer your question as stated.