My Old Wagner

Rick S

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This is the oldest Pan that I have found to date. I use it all the time as it has become one of my favorites. I believe it was manufacture between 1891 and 1900. Please help me out if I'm wrong.





Id say you are right about the timeline. I have a #7 and #5 that I use all the time. They are really light and thin walled....great to cook in!


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Your Wagner is gorgeous, what a great piece!

I recently bought one from that era, completely covered in rust and the "WAGNER" was barely visible. It had severe pitting damage on the bottom, the cook surface looked okay and the price was $5. E-tank and lye-bath removed the rust and crud but revealed a crack on the side running to cook surface.

Knew I was taking a chance but the price was worth the effort. It will make a cool display and discussion piece.