Is this pan valuable?


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Picked this up at auction for 20's huge and it has a 14 SK and the number 1 on it...anyone have any info on it for me?


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John E

1950s Lodge. $20 is a good deal on a #14, assuming it cleans up ok. Looks like it might be fire damaged.

I came across a slightly older one recently that was $85 and I almost bought it but managed to show some restraint :).


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It looks to me like someone sand blasted it but then never treated it

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Do you know what the #1 represents?


$20 for that skillet is not a good deal. It's a great deal! Doesn't look fire damaged to me. It just looks rusty. If I wanted a skillet that large, I'd jump on it for $20.

Jay E.

Pretty decent deal. The skillet looks weathered to me (not fire damaged)... like it got left out in the rain or maybe left in a sink/tub soaking too long. It still looks ok now, but that kind of rust looks like the precursor to pitting... if it was left to the elements and wasn't rescued by someone who appreciates cast iron like yourself.


As long as its not warped, You have a great user there. Clean it and use it on some campfire cookouts, unless you have a stove that can handle it. Or just use it as a in oven only piece. No matter what, just use it man!