Help ID Aebleskiver Pan


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I have been the new owner of this vintage pan and would like to find out how old it is, who made it, and possibly how much itight be worth. It is definitely vintage and I have searched the internet and have found some similar but seems the main difference would be it has no feet, no marking that I can make out. Here is the link for the pics.

Doug D.

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Without markings, a maker ID is usually not possible. The bottom sprue mark (the nub on the center cup where the molten iron entered the mold) tells us it is either a.) older, possibly early to mid-19th century, or b.) was made much later by someone lacking the skill or resources to employ more modern casting techniques used late 19th century onward, i.e. someone just looking to cash in on the popularity of a type of utensil. Similarly, we see rampant copying of gem and muffin pans during their period of popularity, again most without maker's markings.