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Hi, my name is Janet. I have been a full-time RV'er for 5 years traveling around the country with my fiancé, two dogs and a rescued cockatiel. It was the addition of the cockatiel that got me into cast iron. Because of the bird's highly refined upper respiratory system you cannot cook with any non-stick cookware (i.e., Teflon). Believe me, after researching it, I don't think any one should use it at all! Stainless steel and cast iron are your options.

I had always wanted to try cast iron, so when a friend was cleaning out her great aunt's house after she passed, and offered me some cast iron skillets, I happily accepted. The skillets were covered in rust and it took a long time to clean them! We were at the Salton Sea that winter and I spent a good deal of the season scrubbing them with the barnacles that makes up the shore.

Now they are all I use (and a Lodge Dutch Oven I purchased). I've researched the two skillets to try to determine their dates of mfg. One's an Erie and the other has no name. I came across this forum still trying to figure out my pans and saw a post from a member who has a pan marked like mine, so I signed up and here I am! Heading over to a more appropriate spot to post photos of my beloved skillets!

Thanks, again, for the add into the group and in advance for your help!