Hello Everyone


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I'm Renee, I've got a soft spot for cast iron and so here I am. What drew me to this site "how I stumbled upon it" was in looking for photos of the Lodge American Wildlife Series. I have the Bass and the Mallard and am and have been searching for the Deer and the Bird Dog. :)
I'm from AL. "well from FL" but reside and have for a while in AL". :p
Welcome to the site! Great place for knowledge/learning of CI. I stumbled on it trying to find out more about the things I use. Very interesting info here for me. Something new and odd always seems to pop up. Also, the "Home Page" is a priceless resource for CI identification and ways to clean/restore it. I use it quite often. Again, Welcome.

Jody M

Welcome aboard. I'm relatively new here myself and have found the members here to be very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. I mostly buy skillets that I clean using electrolysis, but have had a couple of projects that this site was extremely helpful with.

Jeffrey R.

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Hello and welcome.

Are you looking for the Lodge American Wildlife Miniature Series, or the full size skillet?

Seems to be quite a draw to them.