Griswold LBL #8, #8, #9 and Unmarked


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I finally have one of those incredible luck stories to share with you all...

Last Sunday morning over breakfast my wife mentions that one of her coworkers has some cast iron pans if I was interested. Like everyone on this forum would say, "Let's go check them out this morning". The coworker and his brother were finally getting around to cleaning out their mom's house. She had passed away about 10 years ago or so when she was in her early 90's.

After a quick ten minute ride we arrived to see all four pans already in the recycle pile. The #8 and #9 were in pretty good shape right off the bat but the unknown and a fourth pan were heavily covered in a thick soot of wood stove resin and carbon. The crud was so thick on the bottom that neither pan showed any signs of their identity.

As I first noticed the two Griswold pans I mentioned to the son that these were collectible pans and he could probably sell them as is for a nice chunk of cash. His response was, "Are you going to use them or sell them?". My response, as always, was I will definitely use them. He said, "They are yours". I've never sold a piece of cast iron I have acquired. I consider myself a user as opposed to a collector.

I did a two hour oven clean cycle on the four pans and was very happy with how they came out. Even the dirtiest, Griswold #8, came out beautiful with a quick ash blow off. It was a real treat to see another Griswold under the grime.

The unmarked pan is definitely an interesting one. Looks quite similar in design to the Griswold pans but has a much wider handle and slightly heavier. Only markings on that pan is a #8 on the top of the handle and a letter 'B' under the handle. Any thoughts? Very nice pan nonetheless.

After having a Griswold in my hand, I can see why they earned the reputation they have. Light weight, clean design and high grade. They really were produced a level or two above many of the other brands.

I decided to do a weight comparison to some of the other pans I have of the exact same size -

Modern Lodge = 90.5 ounces
Pre 1924 Wagner = 65.3 oz.
Unknown #8 pictured below = 72.4 oz.
Griswold #8 pictured below = 60.3 oz.






Nice find. I would agree about the last skillet. Unmarked Wager. They are great to use, but not very collectable.


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Thanks Kev and Sean for the response. My first thought was Wagner but 'feels' just a little off to me. But, my experience is somewhat limited.
Just doesn't have the same feel as the other unmarked Wagners I have. It is possible it is from a different era than the others I have experience with.