Dutch Oven Bread Baking


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Hi Joe!
What ever seasoning you use to properly season the DO will be baked on and won't be an issue.:)AfterI just made some bread in a Lodge No.12 dutch oven (with feet) last week - stuck that baby right in the oven on top of a travertine tile. I used Pam in the DO, and went up to 400f in it. When it was done, I tipped the oven and the loaf fell right out. No residue.:grin: It was honey wheat bread, and the recipe called for a tablespoon of honey...next time I'll use two...:chuckle:

Sounds good you mind sharing your receipt for the bread? :)


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Hi MKuran! It's not my recipe, but I'm sure the chef (as I) won't mind sharing:) He's got many other bread recipes, just as easy!:tasty:


Haha I was looking at his book :)

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Thanks Roland!!!! Will try that as well!!!! My son just moved out but him and his roommate eat allot of bread so they might like this as well... :)

Joe C

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Steve's presentation and recipes are also very good and easy to follow and duplicate.

When you get a chance check out Trevor J. Wilson on youtube. Tartine style bread...very challenging, but really good bread.