Confirmation - Unmarked Wagner?

Karl R

Am I correct in assuming that these are early unmarked Wagner skillets? I believe they are, but I’m doubting my conclusion haha. I got a second one. It was so crusty that I didn’t know what the heck it was. Turns out that it was the same pan!! Hahaha!! A little wobble in each of them, but they’re superb for baking. Thanks.


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A few things about them say Wagner, the numeral font, the small triangle on the underside of the handle and the small letter on it. IIRC, there is a #8 Wagner with that same or similar unusually wide handle base. But something about the rest of the bottom of the handle seems "off". Would need to find an example of that marked version with the wide handle base to compare.
I'm not aware of any unmarked Wagners that have the pointed hanging hole. Also, that hole is fairly short and combined with the wide handle seems off like you say (though I do have a marked Wagner with a wide-ish handle). Also, the angle from the bottom to the sidewall seems fairly sharp/steep compared to other smooth bottom Wagners I've seen but that could be the lighting/angle in the photo.
There are what appear to be unmarked Wagners with the "old style" handle with the pointed teardrop hanging hole, smooth bottoms, and no other markings but the size on the handle. The ones that are inscribed "6-1/2 INCH SKILLET" and the like all seem to have the "late style" tapered oval hole.
Gentlemen, thank you for the input! I love this site, I can’t ask questions like this to people on the street haha! For now, so I can sleep at night, I’ll think of them as unmarked Wagners. They seem to be identical. I got them at two separate places. One at a yard sale and one at an antique shop. Maybe 15 miles away from each other. To me, it diminishes the possibility of it being a knock off.
I have a couple of pans like these. I’m not sure about the one out in my to clean pile but the one I’m using at the moment doesn’t have the incised #8 on top of the handle or the little letter on the little triangle on the bottom of the handle. But it looks just like these with the wide handle. It’s a pretty heavy skillet compared to some Wagners I have though.
Yes, it does carry some weight. I’m glad to hear that you have some because the more people have them, the more I think they’re a real thing. I’m starting to wonder if they marketed them in different parts of the country. I’m in the Northeast, maybe they’re less common in other areas and more common in others.
I've seen these referred to as 'fat handled wagners'... I agree with the comments above, lots of characteristics appear to be the same as wagner made pans.. but those are some really fat handles.
I for one dont like the fat handles, but thats just my opinion. Makes them look like China made or some obscure company made them?