Chicken Chili and Cornbread... for College Football


Easy-peasy for when you're feeling lazy...

...was in the mood for Chili/Cornbread/and College Football watching. Used
the enameled Mario Batali 6 qt. dutch oven.... and, BSR #8 .

First... chopped up some chicken breast ...browned them in the Dutch Oven,
then added canned Pinto's and Great Northern beans. Also, added roasted
Hatch Green chilis (frozen at peak season), salsa, and, stewed tomato.
Seasoned with Paprika, Chalupa, onion powder, garlic, Sea salt, and ground

next... Bob's Red Mill cornbread mix... essentially followed the directions on
the label... but substituted water for milk, and, cheated on additional butter .
25 minutes at 375...then painted the top with melted butter and put under
the broiler for 2 minutes. Checked "done-ness" with the toothpick test .
Served hot.

All in maybe 40 minutes... I know cheated on the chili (apologies purists)...
but, bride says delicious. Spiced not "hot"... but I add Tapatio/Tabasco.

Now, where is that remote... ready for some football ! :glutton: and,.... feel a
nap coming on ! :sleepy2:



Good idea Eric... I drain and rinse the beans hoping to cut down on sodium load... might have over-done using some of my chicken broth stock (failed to mention) ...but, easy enough to just ladle out the good stuff. I think rather than thickening ...I would probably take the lid off and boil it down.

p.s. that juice is great for soppin' cornbread. !!! :D