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Old 03-22-2021, 06:05 PM
JulianH JulianH is offline
Join Date: Mar 2021
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Default Dating Griswold Muffin Pans

I am considering purchasing my first Griswold gem pan but can't find any dating info online. Assuming that Slant muffin/popover pans are dated similarly to Slant skillets, (and please correct me if this is not the case), is there a simple dating scheme that Large Block #948-9s follow? Thanks in advance.

Unrelated, is there a setting on here to alert me when I question I post gets a response? I find myself always having to return the the thread to see answers. Thanks.
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Old 03-22-2021, 07:30 PM
Doug D. Doug D. is offline
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Default Re: Dating Griswold Muffin Pans

There are 15 variations of the #10/948 muffin, only 2 of the #10/949 popover. One might reasonably assume the TM revisions follow the general time line of those of the skillets to at least some degree. Since catalogs don't address TM changes, most resources offer only general assumptions.


Re: thread subscription, see
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Old 03-23-2021, 01:45 PM
JulianH JulianH is offline
Join Date: Mar 2021
Posts: 9
Default Re: Dating Griswold Muffin Pans

A double thank you, Doug. I also discovered a post you previously replied to, which was very helpful. Armed with this information, I snapped up a nice stylized Erie #10 last night on eBay, (my very first Erie, btw). I have a follow up question, but it may be more appropriate as a separate post.
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