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Cast Iron Cleaning and Seasoning Help With and Tips & Techniques For Cast Iron Cookware Restoration

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Old 01-28-2021, 03:01 PM
DReedy DReedy is online now
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Default How Many Rounds of Seasoning

How many rounds of seasoning does everyone do?

It appears many do 3 rounds and others do 5, What benefit are there to more layers after 3?

thank you,
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Old 01-28-2021, 05:01 PM
Jody M Jody M is offline
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Default Re: How Many Rounds of Seasoning

You really only need 1 layer to provide protection from rusting. You will add seasoning with use. I do 2 or sometimes 3 layers to darken them a little more. that is strictly for cosmetics to resell.
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Old 01-30-2021, 07:05 AM
Greg Brunett Greg Brunett is offline
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Default Re: How Many Rounds of Seasoning

I do at least 2. have done only 1, and also have done up to 5. 2 times is usually a pretty good place to start.
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Old 01-30-2021, 03:56 PM
Dan B Dan B is offline
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Default Re: How Many Rounds of Seasoning

Hi, I do three rounds (for no real particular reason) and then, as Jody M points out, build up the seasoning with use. I start using the pan with 'easy' stuff to build up the seasoning (pizza, corn bread, etc.) i.e. things I know will clean up easily.

The "Cast Iron Seasoning" section of The Cast Iron Collector is a good source of additional information.
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Old 01-30-2021, 04:16 PM
Bill D. Bill D. is offline
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Default Re: How Many Rounds of Seasoning

Dean I have had success with a single seasoning. Sometimes however there are defects or imperfections/pits in the metal and a second or third pass is needed.

If your iron is smooth and clean one pass done properly will be fine. Keep in mind that color is not the best indicator of effective seasoning.

I have skillets that my grandmother never cleaned. There is a coating on the inside that is probably two mm thick and the outside looks like lava. They cook just as well as a stripped pan with a single good seasoning.

Best of success.
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Old 09-17-2021, 04:12 PM
John_Sterling John_Sterling is offline
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Default Re: How Many Rounds of Seasoning

I'll do 2-3 on the inside of lids for rust proofing and 6 on cooking surfaces.

I am using pigmented flaxseed oil over a sandblasted surface. At 2 coats it is getting pretty black and needs burnishing, at 4 coats it is deep black and then it gets 2 coats of clear oil as a clear coat.The pan is then completely ready, no seasoning from use is needed. It's as good as it gets. This is important on infrequently used pans that otherwise would take forever to build seasoning. It also matters on the bottoms of heavy stuff like the 12" that take tremendous abrasion on the stove.
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