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Old 12-30-2020, 11:33 PM
D_Madden D_Madden is offline
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Default Dolly's Favorite Child's Stove

I thought I had posted this here, but I didn't see it... I just got this about 3 weeks ago from a local online only auction... the pics were not good and they didn't show the left side (where most of the writing is) at all... so I bid on it as if it were a reproduction.. .but I had the high bid and when I picked it up was thrilled to discover that it is a real 'dolly's favorite' in blue enamel and nickel plating... it has the decorative piece that goes around the stove pipe (not pictured) but it appears that that part was broken at some point where the shelf attaches... the piece was welded back together, but the shelf is missing... also missing the little trivet that goes on the top and the towel holder rod... but everything else seems to be there and correct and not damaged or repaired... almost every piece is marked with at least the letters 'DF' on the back side,, the legs, the doors, even the stove eye covers are marked... it has the rack in the firebox and the oven (both marked) and a little tin ash catcher. I've seen one of these sell at auction that had been painted with blue and silver paint... it didn't look good, but it appeared to be original and complete. no idea of what the actual value of these are... I'm sure its no where near what the blue book says the value is.

I can take and post more pics if anyone is interested.
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Old 12-31-2020, 12:44 PM
SeanD SeanD is offline
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Default Re: Dolly's Favorite Child's Stove

I think I speak for the masses....we want to see more pics of this stove....its awesome, my Grandmother had one about the same. Please post more!
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Old 12-31-2020, 12:56 PM
Jody M Jody M is online now
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Default Re: Dolly's Favorite Child's Stove

Beautiful stove. Nice score, but then, you always find the best stuff, lol.
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