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Introductions New Members Say Hello and Tell Us What Brought You Here

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Old 05-15-2021, 10:21 AM
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Default Greetings from South-central MN

While I have been using cast iron cookware for a couple decades, a recent garage sale find brought me here to learn a bit about Griswold's logo history, but first some info about me.

My Mom is of the Greatest Generation (married in the late 40s), and she never liked the cast Iron cookware like her Mom used Mom likes a Teflon coating pan, and God forbid anyone using a metal spatula in one of her pans. I mention that, so you know how I was raised, so it sure is interesting that I found the wonders of Cast Iron cookware in the 1990s, but that is when I started camping...and camp cooking

I didn't know anything about brands of Cast Iron back in the 90s. I used whatever I found at garage sales that looked good. I had this one I liked cooking with and on one camping trip, my girlfriend told me, "Hey that's a Griswold...Where'd you get that?" Long story short, after a bit of research, that became my favorite maker.

I don't really collect, I cook.
I have thinned my cupboards of cookware a couple times over the years. I use a 9" Griswold skillet daily. I have a couple 8" Wagners that go in and out of the Oven for that type of cooking...I like the 8" Wagner for things like Pork Roast or Meatloaf. I also have a couple small skillets for use on the Grill for sauces and such. I've also had a waffle iron and cornbread iron but I can't eat Bread anymore, so they are gone.

Well, that's about it for an introduction.
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