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Old 10-26-2016, 10:55 AM
RobM RobM is offline
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Default Re: Favorite Piqua Ware dating

Originally Posted by MDFraley View Post
I've read several articles where as the historians have differing opinions regarding "Favorite Pique Hollow Ware" production years and also in WAGS where Steve Stevens had lengthy discussions regarding this same subject.
I also noticed in the article of news paper clipping that the universal name of the company was "THE FAVORITE" which disagrees somewhat with the CI produced by Columbus Hollow Ware which produced skillets named as such (The Favorite). Yes, regarding the prison labor. That was what Columbus Hollow Ware did and according to the documentation found it was from a period between 1882 - 1902.
I find all of this interesting and can only expand my knowledge reading post like this one. I by no means disagree with anything since I only have the information available as it was documented by others doing research.
I own a #9 "THE FAVORITE" and found it to be a very nice skillet similar to those made by Griswold and WW during that time period and prison labor did a great job as far as I'm concerned.
Compare the fonts on some of the old "The Favorite" to Favorite Piqua Ware, some interesting similarities. "The Favorite" is also mentioned in a Findlay catalog from Canada - that's even more interesting.

I just want people to open their minds to possibilities. The idea of Favorite only making hollow ware post 1916 is dead.
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Old 10-26-2016, 12:24 PM
RLMuse RLMuse is offline
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Default Re: Favorite Piqua Ware dating

Originally Posted by Doug D. View Post
They only produced hollow ware for a little under 20 years. Catalogs don't reveal anything in the way of trademark changes. About all that can be said is the block TM is the earliest and the "smiley" TM the latest.
1848 - W.C. Davis Company founded in Cincinnati, OH, reforming after 1865 as Great Western Stove Works.
1872-1888 - William K. Boal becomes controlling partner, renames foundry Favorite Stove Works after Davis' retirement in 1880.
1888 - Boal moves Favorite to Piqua, OH, and begins doing business there as Favorite Stove & Range Co. in 1889.
1916 - Boal dies at age 84, and is succeeded by son William S. Boal, who expands production of hollow ware.
1923 - William S. Boal becomes Chairman of the Board.
1928 - William C. Katker becomes 4th company president to succeed Boal.
1930s- The Great Depression hits, sales decline.
1933 - William S. Boal dies December 17, company reorganizes, liquidates, and, in 1935, closes permanently.
1935 - Foster Stove Company of Ironton, Ohio purchases patents, tooling and trademarks for the Favorite Range products.
1935 - Cookware line tooling and patterns sold to Chicago Hardware Foundry Co.
1937 - William C. Katker continues to operate remainder of the company as Favorite Manufacturing Co. making stoves, hollowware, and parts for the old Favorite Stove & Range Co. products at other local foundries.
1958 - FMC operations suspended after post-war decline in demand.
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Old 10-26-2016, 03:40 PM
Sharon Shuman Sharon Shuman is offline
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Default Re: Favorite Piqua Ware dating

Thank you, RobM and RLMuse for the info. on Favorite Piqua. I have only 3 Favorite (#3 and #10) or CHF (#5) pans, and I really like them! Note the reference to the Boals as capitalists in the newspaper clipping; guess that's the positive connotation!
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Old 10-28-2016, 11:23 AM
M.Trainor M.Trainor is offline
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Default Re: Favorite Piqua Ware dating

Thank you everyone , for your findings and expertise . I think it has shed some light on the Favorite Piqua Ware subject for many of us .

The very reason that I started the thread was that whenever searching for information on "good" or "best" cast iron (Griswold and Wagner Ware always mentioned first) , Favorite Pique and Wapak where always mentioned out of all the other possible makers of hollow ware . So I had always wondered about them and being in Canada I had never even seen a Favorite Piqua or Wapak myself .

But recently (about mid summer) I found and bought a #9 Favorite Piqua with the smiley logo . Im quite impressed with its quality and finish . It is very thin and light . I finally got it cleaned and started using it lately and I really like it .

I have never seen a Wapak yet , but I hope to find one one of these days to see what they are like .

This cast iron thing (might) be addicting
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