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Default Greetings from SE Michigan

I've had one old CI skillet that came from a friend's Grandma, who donated it to us young kids for a camping trip. I ended up with it, and that was >50 years ago. All I had known about it was that it was about 50 years old when I got it.

Now I understand it is a Griswold Erie #7 701E, and that seems to fit the origin timeline as my friend's Grandma had related it.

It's pitted on the bottom where I expect the slant logo was, can't really see that portion of the original markings, but the "ERIE" and numbers are present. No number on top side of handle. Currently this skillet weighs 1493 grams, not sure how much CI was lost from the pitting on bottom?

The inside seems to have an indestructable seasoning - I've certainly subjected it to harsh care over the decades, brillo pads, etc.. but that inside bounces back to a slick smooth surface every time. And now, I have been much more careful in how I clean it. There is some carbonized crud on the inner walls, but the cooking surface is really smooth and works great. The more I use it now, the easier the clean up seems to get, I expect that may be from how I cook with it now, I'm more careful about getting the temperature right to avoid any sticking food issues.

But I did have concerns about it's wear, esp. since I've taken to using it on my propane BBQ grill outdoors more often. I started to shop for a good replacement, and that's why I ended up here, as this seems to be a great repository for the info I was after.

Thanks to Doug for the work to present this !

John A
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