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Default Re: Old Cast Iron Vs New Steel Pans?

A good chief has a lot of tools in his / her kitchen. Cast iron being one as is some type of steel pan. As for myself the earlier and thinner the better as my go to skillet. I have a full collection of Griswold that have not been used in 2 years, but I see them everyday.

In our kitchen almost everything is wood, cast iron and yes we have some Stainless steel saucepans, stockpots and skillets no carbon steel, aluminum or Teflon . Everything has its part in cooking food on our home. Sometimes the iron does not see use for a few days, but never forgotten. It has in a large way how we prepare our food, frying does not play a large part in our kitchen. I used to always grill my steak but have taken to a sear on my wagyu beef steaks and finished with organic whole butter. That just would not fly with SS. Doing the grill at 15 below gets old, but spring is coming someday, I hope. Ever have buffalo in a CI skillet?

Wagyu strip 2" thick in my #11 early fancy thin walled skillet.
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