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Default Old Cast Iron Vs New Steel Pans?

I know this might be blasphemy for forum about old vintage cast iron pans but, with so many people commenting about the high cost and obscurity of the lightweight cast iron with a smooth surface, I wonder why more people don't consider classic steel pans such as De Buyer and Mafter?

I really like the idea of using a cast iron skillet made before my grandparents were born and the nostalgia of using something historic but, in practical terms for most people a simple steel pan from France or Belgium would work as they desire and in my experience, are easy to acquire at modest price points (~10" De Buyer or Mafter skillet for ~$25~$30 brand new and less gently used).

For a work friend that claims the old skillets "taste" better, this really doesn't apply. However, a lot of people simply want to get away from 'teflon' and its relatives and have a smooth well seasoned skillet. A ~$100 ebay skillet that may or may not be serviceable versus ~$30 for a brand new 'steel/elemental iron' skillet seems like an obvious choice. This also solves the "it's too heavy" argument!

Am I missing something? Or is it really mainly about the nostalgia and historic appeal that cause people (not collectors) to spend ridiculous amounts on vintage cast iron when a simple De Buyer skillet would be just as good for them?
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