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Default Re: Newbie Seasoning Question

In my month of rattling around the web trying to learn what I can I have encountered people having all kinds of problems.Lot of flaking, and I have had this too.They blame the oil, I blame the prep. I have a background in painting metal, mostly old motorcycles. I have had a lot of painted parts fail with the paint falling off or oxidizing through. All the failures have taught me some things. Like to be extremely fussy with my prep.

Squalane (fingerprints) boils at 349F. Flaxseed smokes (and starts polymerizing) at only 225 F. So Squalane under Flax will be bubbling the Flax at say 355 F. This will give bad adhesion.

Granted I am making cookware for serious service, not collectors pieces. I have Corning Ware that is pretty scratched up after long service. I want my CI seasoning to take at least 5-10 years without needing rework. And I want a really good cooking surface. I was just looking at some recipes that my grill pan just wont do. So it's in line for the lye bath. Then the tops of the ribs will get the full no-stick treatment.

Seasoning is just painting without the benefit of primer. Two of the primary rules of painting: No dust, No fingerprints. So I do that.

Sorry to bend your ear so much. Long night trying to get those pictures to work,.
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