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Default Re: Newbie Seasoning Question

Convenience and better seasoning. The polymerization process in the oil takes time. It cannot be rushed. So going the full time at temp works best. takeing the pan out before it is cool decreases time at temp and also strains the initial bond between the (green) seasoning and the metal. As far as my time goes, I season in the evening. I put pans in cold oven, bring up to temp, let soak at temp for an hour then turn off oven and go to bed. I'm sleeping while they're cooling so no waiting on anything.

I might do another round in the morning, another at noon and so on. But my time is my own. I can get a pan seasoned in a couple days.

I use one and only one oil and that includes fingerprints. The pans stay in the oven and only get touched with the oil wiping cloth.
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