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Default Re: Is This As Good As It Will Get? :)

You could start out with a smaller Lye Tank setup.
A 5 gallon bucket would be a little small for a #8 but you might be able to flip it over to get the handle.

It would get you started and keep it a little smaller to be able to handle.

A better/nicer setup is using the Blue HDPE barrel which are thicker and are better at not breaking down being in contact with the Lye.

I have a 30 gallon Blue barrel but I have seen a smaller 15 gallon at hotel/motel In Ground pools.
You might ask around a see if you can pick one up for free.

If you saw the top of a Blue barrel at the notch just below the top you can flip it over for a cover and add a hinge and lock if you want.
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