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Default Mystery waffle iron!

Hey there everyone, I have stumbled upon this forum in search of knowledge on my newly picked waffle iron. I have never seen this piece before and I have asked many CI Facebook groups and only 2 people say they have one but have no knowledge. I saw a post on this piece in 2016 on this forum about the same piece but no new info on it.
This is a normal size waffle iron, maybe around the size of an 8. Markings are identical on both sides and they are raised No.100 at 12 o’clock and raised 388 and 6 o’clock. It is a skillet handle style waffle iron with the ball joints at the top. I do have a base unlike the the previous post. It is a shallow base and under the seat for the ball joints it, too, has the raised 388 markings.
I have seen one sell on eBay out of Connecticut and am trying to get ahold of that man to see if he has any info.
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