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Default Re: Collecting Vs Using

Originally Posted by SpurgeonH View Post
I promised my wife, I wanted buy anything Im not going to use. So ... I use them all at least once. I figure that l way Im technically fulfilling my promise. Ha!

I also hang a bunch of them on the wall, even so I use often. Ive never had a problem with them leaving any oily residue in the wall.
I'm kind of like you. I have used about 80% of my pieces at least once. I really only use about 10-15 pieces on a fairly regular basis. I have about 100 pieces right now.

I have about 20-25 gem pans that aren't used unless I'm baking. I use to say that I'm a user, but having this many items, I'm both user/collector.

I only use CI, stainless, copper (tin and stainless lined) and carbon steel (wok). I have some Corningware also, but they haven't been used in years to cook with.
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