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Default Re: Biggest Haul Yet - Lots of Work Ahead

Originally Posted by D_Madden View Post
something like this one?

post more pics... I'd love to see what all is in the pile.
That's the one. not sure it has 48 on it though. I threw it back in the lye for a bit just to get the last stubborn bits at the bottom of the tins loose.

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They are cleaning up well. My favorite is the 9 slant Erie. The ghostmarking (Griswold's "Erie) is like nothing I have seen, although I am sure others have. It must have been made shortly after the short run for the previous pattern.

The last picture is one I threw into the lye last night. I think it is a 9 LBL EPU. It could be a slant logo, but I think I see a faint 9 on the handle.
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