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Default Re: Biggest Haul Yet - Lots of Work Ahead

Originally Posted by Jody M View Post
Nice haul. Sometimes it happens that way. In the front stack of skillets, it looks like the 2nd and 3rd from the bottom might be fancy handled, bottom gate marked??
Unfortunately not. I love fancy handles, too!

Most of the haul was Griswold large block logos. I was really happy to see a Slant 9 Erie. Looks immaculate. Several Piqua Smilies, a really nice Griswold 9 Button Dutch Oven, and a rougher Erie Artistic Series 9, as well. Some of them are stuck together so I need to heat them up to separate.

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Originally Posted by SeanD View Post
Now thats what Id like to see around where I live!
I live in NJ and had to travel north a bit, but this was the first I've seen posted in 6 months of searching.

I know people don't want to take a big chance on dirty iron, but for $300 it was a no brainer.
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