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Default Induction Cooktop and Cast Iron

I was thinking of buying an induction cooktop and was wondering - whereas the heat from a circular gas burner encircles a round pan radiating outward and up the sides thereby heating the pan somewhat uniformly and evenly, an induction “burner” actually produces no heat at all, rather, it causes the pan itself to get hot, but only within the span of the induction eye footprint across the pan bottom - and the heating process within that area is significantly quicker than with gas. Accordingly, it would seem that the heating of a pan during the first three or four minutes on an induction burner eye would be extremely uneven - it would only be within the footprint of the induction burner eye - and might even cause the pan to warp or crack. And, maybe not. But, I’m in no hurry to find out the hard way. So, does anyone have any experience, information, further musings or additional thoughts about this?
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