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Default Re: Finding EBay Sellers That Specialize in Cast Iron?

There are eBay sellers that deal in a lot of cast iron. To say they specialize, I'm not so certain that's really an apropos term. My experience has been that there are a handful of eBay sellers who list a lot of cast iron at very high starting prices (and re-list it over and over). And if they do sell any of it, it's probably to buyers who aren't truly familiar with realistic prevailing CI values.

That's not to say that I haven't bought perhaps hundreds of pieces of CI off eBay, but I don't think it's ever been from the same person. I think your chances of ending up happy or unhappy are not really dependent upon how much or how little CI a particular seller has sold.

What you really need to focus on is becoming a savvy buyer, looking for the right cues in descriptions, asking the right questions/getting the right answers, and deciding your budget limitations before pulling the trigger and buying a piece off eBay. If you've asked beforehand if the piece is warped/cracked/pitted and received satisfactory answers, then you have a leg to stand on if it arrives in a condition other than alleged.

Having said all that, yes, there are sellers I've seen over the years who appeared reputable and listed CI regularly at reasonable prices. But I look to purchase CI that I want for my collection, not simply anything someone has listed just because they happen to be considered a reputable seller. (If that makes sense.)
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