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Default Re: Is Cast Iron Difficult to Find in Your Area?

I live in central/western NJ and started looking for vintage CI to use for cooking back in June. I tend to go to one of the 3 or 4 flea markets within an hour of home.

Like others who responded I most frequently see Wagner, Lodge, and Griswold. Only a handful of BSRs. I bought the only CHF and National seen so far. Also recall seeing a couple of Martins, Vollraths, Victors and Favorites.

Most of the sellers are "clueless", especially if it is a noname item like BSR, CHF and even Wagner or Lodge. Had one seller ask me if I knew anything about the company "sk" that made the 2 skillets he had. He was referring to the sk on a Lodge skillet.

My experience also agrees with others, most sellers think Griswold commands a premium. The only Griswold I have purchased so far is the #9 "ERIE" I got for $35 (pictured in a separate post), which is worth it to me.
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