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Having run an antiques mall for a while now I can say there are many reasons items like CI see such fluctuation in price. Its important to remember when you go into a an Antiques store you are usually buying from someone that rents a space. They have pay a rent and a portion of each sale to the store (some also charge additional fees). Another important fact is a large percentage of these vendors have little knowledge about the items they are selling. They tend to look at places like ebay, etsy, or other vendors and focus in on what people are asking for a price not what they actually sell for. Some also use the old ask a fortune and see if someone will bite method. In my area CI is hard to get at a low price with auctions often getting higher then retail price on named pieces, this causes the market price to also inch up. One thing to note is that most Antiques stores want sales and will often negotiate a discount of 10% or more if you simply ask, also many individuals will leave an offer on an item along with their Phone number and if the vendor wants to make a deal they will take your offer.
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