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Default Re: Is Cast Iron Difficult to Find in Your Area?

I think it's nothing more than the biggest companies made the most CI so you see more of their brands. I live 40 miles from the Vollrath foundry (they're still heavy in the cookware business, just not CI). I live a little over 100 miles from Chicago. Despite my close proximity to where they were made, I very rarely find any Vollrath on my CI hunting excursions and only own a couple pieces as a result. Same goes for CHF pieces. On the other hand, I see BSR, Lodge, Wagner, and Griswold just about everywhere I go. On the relatively few opportunities I've had to go CI hunting outside of Wisconsin, I was surprised the proportions by brand didn't seem to vary much. In central PA, for instance, I would have expected to see a lot more Griswold, but it seemed to me to be about the same as anywhere else I've been. Down south? Expected less Wagner & Griswold, more Lodge & BSR, but again, it didn't seem to vary.

Puritan was actually made for Sears at first by Favorite, and later Griswold.
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