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Some of the prices at antique stores amaze me. I've seen overpriced pieces, in stores I regularly stop in, that have been there for two years! Why not mark them down and generate some cash flow? Maybe they figure someday a guy will come along who needs that one piece to round out a collection and they will finally get their price. Ha!

And then you have the tiny little shop out a two lane highway, in the middle of nowhere, who thinks because a piece sold on eBay for some crazy amount, they should get that price too. When I ask them if they will take less, sometimes they will say, "That's what it goes for on ebay." I always remind them we are in Georgia and if they want to sell it at Yankee prices, they should list it on ebay and let somebody in New York buy it. Of course, I say it in a very polite, I'm just trying to help you out, kind of way. Ha!
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