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Default Iron Pricing

I stopped at a little antique/consignment shop that I've found iron at before. It's about an hour away but I was in the area for other reasons. One booth had a stack of skillets... after going through them all most were asian, and rusty... there was a single notch lodge #7 with a raised 7 on the top of the handle, but the bottom was very pitted. There was another booth that had a locked glass case with a #0 griswold in it and one of the little tea size corn stick pans (both were marked at $94!) Then I found one booth that had 8 - 10 pieces of iron on a small shelf in the back of the booth. On the top shelf were a couple of corn stick pans, a griswold bread stick pan (no 22)... so they got my attention... good condition, not cleaned up but in decent shape... the bread stick pan was marked $70 and the griswold corn stick pan was marked $45... I almost stopped looking at the rest... noticed a couple of skillets on the bottom shelf and thought it would be good for a laugh to see what they had those priced at. smooth bottom large block logo #8 marked at $32 (fairly clean and flat) and the other one was a heat ring slant/erie #5 marked at $38. I have no idea where this guy was getting his prices from... anyway the #5 came home with me. (it will look good with my 3 and 4 slant eries.)
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