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Default Re: Braised short ribs

I was wondering if someone was going to call out the red wine in the recipe...

I didn't have a problem, really. It did affect it a little bit but my DO was recently reseasoned from scratch with several layers so I just touched that back up again with another session or two afterwards. Circumstances (schedule conflict) also had them resting in the DO for a couple of hours after cooking and there was no iron taste at all. The short ribs do render out quite a lot of fat and that may have helped protect things, though I'm just speculating.

And of course Doug knows what he's talking about with the seasoning. If you're concerned about it you could always reduce the ratio of red wine vs. beef broth or eliminate it entirely in favor of beef broth, or if you're adventurous mix in 1/2 tsp baking soda at the beginning to reduce the acidity. There is no noticeable wine flavor or tartness in the final product, all the flavors were well blended into deliciousness.
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