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Default Re: Whatís the Age?

Originally Posted by MDFraley View Post
In the reference books I use it dates it in the 1940's but it also says there should be a number 8 on the base if in fact it is a number 8.
Yes, it has an 8 stamped on the bottom. Thanks. I could find where they introduced the hammered aluminum in the 40ís, but nothing mentioning the iron.

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Originally Posted by SeanD View Post
Not sure on the age, maybe the 50s? Its in really good shape tho.
It has a few pits in the cooking surface, but nothing major. The elderly woman I restored this and 5 other pieces for told me they are mine when she is gone. Her kids donít care about any of her stuff and she wants me to have it because she knows Iíll cherish it. She is absolutely right
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