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Default Re: Troublesome Griswold

Thanks Sean. I was quite exasperated by this pan. It was quite rusted. Three days in the e tank scrubbing every evening. there were still rust areas. last night I dropped it in the lye tank for no reason. This morning I cleaned the lye off oiled the pan and took those pictures. I put it in the e tank the ammeter went to 5 amp.When I got home the ammeter was at 2 amp. The rust areas were gone and very little black swarf came off in the soap suds. The Griswold is seasoning in the Weber. I feel better and won't grind it up.

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Glad I checked the Weber early. The pan absorbed all the grease and was starting to surface rust. Three or four days in the e tank must drive all the grease out of the pores of the metal.
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