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Default Re: Cast Iron Sources Other Than EBay?

Facebook groups are a great source of information/sales.

- Iron Man Auctions
- Patriot Cast Iron
- Cast Iron Classifies
- Cast Iron Community Sales
- Cast Iron Yard Sale

There are a lot more. You will find similar prices to ebay (no one is giving anything away), but without 15% sales fee, sellers can give a bit of a better price.

You also have to be willing to drive for a haul. The biggest sellers drive all over the country. I don't do that, but I will drive a few hours (one direction) if my life will allow. I've been doing this about a year and bought two large lots (80 and 100 pieces).

The biggest collector in the world (I think) is the O'Neills. They are in the PNW, so it can be done!
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