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Default Waffle Iron Name Take Your Pick

I am starting to spin my wheels with trying to ID this Un-marked waffle iron. Might be a case of one foundry making waffle irons and putting different names on them, something like Griswold & Alfred Anderesen / WI Co. Or the original base getting broken and someone finding any replacement that worked, or the Companies changed and formed new partners. I have searched and searched and this is what I am coming up with. First here is mine, you can see it is unmarked.

Only has Philadelphia on the base.

Has Philadelphia and A & J. Cox on the base. Handles and numbers of all 3 match. Mine has only the numbers. Now here is the curve ball.

Cox Whitman & Cox Philadelphia. Handle and numbers match?

I found another one. Johnson Cox & Fuller.

Just night be another one??

Your thoughts appreciated.
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