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Originally Posted by Doug D. View Post
Just a reminder. There's no harm in experimenting with aggressive measures on pans already ruined by fire damage. But anything which even subtly alters the original surface texture, either as-cast or factory polished, is to be strictly avoided on intact vintage collectible pans, as it destroys collectible value.
An AC surface cannot be restored once it has been changed. A factory polished surface mostly can if the original method is known. The original method is simply used again. On my weird dutch oven base the sides were factory ground. This can be reproduced although I have no need to change them. I have the same grinding gear and use it. The bottom, under a thick coat of smooth carbon, revealed the marks of being smoothed with a single point tool. This could be reproduced, no matter what, in a machine shop. I only modify non-collector value stuff for my own use. If a collector wanted to buy one, or if some other piece turned out to be collector worthy, they would have to pay a good deal extra for my time and materials. These dogs are made to hunt, not show. I'd even be willing to sign the bottoms thus creating a whole new collecting niche. I wouldn't intentionally mess up something a collector might lust after to make it a better cooker for me. I'd sell it and buy a better cooker saving myself a lot of effort. At current prices I'd buy 5 better cookers.
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