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If you follow what the blacksmiths do for both cleaning and seasoning (blackening and rust proofing) media blasting comes up often. I am a big fan, but I have a compressor and blasting gear. Choice of media and air pressure are critical. I use Green Diamond sand at about 75 PSI to prep all my cooking surfaces and on the big pans the bottoms as well (they get severe wear sliding on my stove). Using walnut shell media is much gentler and unlike the sand will not cut into the iron. Using soda is gentler still but at high pressure and flow will strip anything (like the paint off antique cars) with no effect on the underlying metal. CO2 blasting is the most gentle but the gear to do it is very specialized. One would want to take the pan to someplace that can do it. Many jewelers use it on jewelry with tiny rigs.

Taking the pan to any shop that can do blasting and discussing what you want is a good option and is a lot cheaper than buying all the gear. Many paint shops have blast cabinets. I would go with walnut or glass bead for starters. I have found the sand blasted surface (get no finger prints on it!) is superb for seasoning and the resulting finish is incredibly durable. But there is quite a bit to it including burnishing steps between oil coatings, etc. Not quite the thing for an antique piece intended for display although I use a special oil and everything comes out looking very good.

Edit: Black Beauty is ground slag and extremely aggressive. used to get mall scale off forgings in industry, etc. Not what to want, will chew up the underlying metal too much.

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