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Background and Update:
I have 3 skillets (collected over time) that once cleaned presented with mill scale and the all-too-familiar orange burn marks (though this is light). They were covered with old seasoning and cooked on carbon/crud when I got them, so had obviously been used a lot since the burning. None of them are warped more than very slightly. When I saw the burn damage I just put them aside but kept thinking that they could be decent users if I could get them cleaned up and re-seasoned. I stumbled across the box with them in it a few days ago, rekindling my interest.
After posting my question a couple of days ago I read that welders sometimes use acid to remove mill scale from steel, so I decided to give it a try and gave one of the skillets a 2 hour soak in a 50% vinegar bath. When it came out I was able to rub most of the mill scale off. I'll try another soak, maybe the rest will rub off. So far I see no etching of the iron from the vinegar. Whether or not the surface under the scale will hold a seasoning remains to be seen.
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