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Default Tiny Spider Skillet

Hello everybody -

Once again I'm trying to help an acquaintance with an ID and have come up short, would appreciate the input from Doug and the community here.

This is a tiny spider skillet, only about 4" diameter. It is not mine so unfortunately I do not have a pic of the entire piece from the underside, just a couple closeups of the markings.

Shown in one of the pics, I can't really make it out myself but the owner claims the underside of the handle says "1-2 SPIDYR".

The other is a blob that appears to have the number 1 on it. My suspicion is that this is a sprue mark and the appearance of a 1 is just coincidence, but I can't say for certain.

Anybody know what this is? By default I'd say a spider skillet with a sprue (or a bottom gate mark) is unidentifiable 1800s but I really don't know about this one and I don't want to give someone the wrong idea. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

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