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Default Hammered Chrome Lodge - Cleaning?

Hey all,

I feel like this is pretty cool. My grandmother recently passed away (not the cool part), and I was asked if I wanted anything from the estate. Knowing there likely wasn't anything, I mentioned that the only thing I could think of was cast iron pots/pans, if she had any (she wasn't doing much cooking in the last decade). The only piece was the one shown here, which apparently belonged to my great grandma.

From what I can tell, this is a chrome-plated, hammered-finish, cast iron chicken fryer(?) by Lodge, likely made in the 1930's. I've struggled to find further details about it or the hammered chrome pieces in general, so if anyone can share, I'd love to know.

What are good steps to clean the chrome? I'm familiar with the various approaches to refurbishing/cleaning standard cast iron, but have never come across a chrome plated one. The chrome is structurally intact everywhere (nothing peeling off). It'd be fun to get some of the gunk off and give it some shine.

Should the inside surface be chrome or black (bare cast iron)? It's currently relatively smooth, so I'm debating how much I should attack this.

Pictures attached.

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