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Default Re: Aebleskiver Vs. Egg Poacher

Lodge, Griswold and Wagner all called them a "Danish Cake Pan". Wagner catalogs, however, went on to say that the top rim of their #1314 made it "an ideal pan to use for poaching eggs", but offered no guidance on how that end might be achieved. (Fill with water? Cover?)

Some Griswold catalogs conversely called their rimless #31 pan an "Egg Poacher or Apple Cake Pan" when they also made a #32 with a rim. Other Griswold catalogs call the rimmed pan simply an Egg Poacher while at the same time calling the rimless pan a Danish Cake Pan.

Some older Lodge catalogs call theirs a Danish Cake Pan, subtitled "Or Egg Poacher". The pan was dropped from the line for some time before returning as a 32D, the 32 designation apparently being borrowed from Griswold and the D for Danish.
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