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A few years ago when I became interested in cast iron, I pulled out my mother's old skillets. One of them was a Wagner Ware deep skillet or chicken fryer which I remembered was used to fry chicken for the family. I also remembered that when my mother broke the glass lid she was visibly upset about it. She passed away 12 years ago at the age of 93, but I decided that I should replace that lid. I determined that it needed a C-8 lid and I purchased one on ebay for around $25 including shipping. In the past few years I have purchased three more as bargains. First I found one at a rummage sale on a worn out crock pot with a 50 cent price tag so I left the crock pot and got the lid. Later I found one at a garage sale on light weight aluminum skillet marked $1.00. I told the lady I only wanted the lid and give her the dollar. Finally earlier this month I found a nice older Rival crock pot with a C-8 lid and gladly gave the seller the $5.00 it was priced. So, I now have four C-8 lids - one for the Wagner Chicken Fryer, two for my crock pots, and a spare in case I ever need it. These are great heavy lids and the basting ring inside works very well.

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