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Default Re: Griswold #10 835 Dutch Oven

It appears in many cases that a no letter pattern existed along with those with a letter or letters. No letter just meant one more unique working pattern.

From the article:
You're also likely to see pieces with no letter following the number. There's nothing special about them; they're merely pieces cast using one more pattern in whatever group of which it was a part. The lack of a letter doesn't necessarily indicate its order of creation or usage, nor any kind of superiority to the other patterns of its type with letters on them. The letters do not represent pattern design revisions, but only served to identify which individual pattern among several was used to make which pans. The creation of a pattern with no letter just meant one more pattern that could be used for high-demand piece production. The lack of a letter may also mean there was only one pattern required to be created or used at a time for that particular piece.
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